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Tata Technologies IPO, which is one of the most-awaited public offers of the season, is now open for subscription under the pre-apply mode. Pre-apply mode for an IPO means that you can apply for the offer in advance before it goes live for bidding on the opening day.

Tata Technologies shares are already trading at an impressive 70% premium in the grey market at Rs475-Rs500 per equity share as against to their issue price of Rs340-345 each.

This offering by Tata Group will mark their first IPO after 20 years, opening for subscription on Wednesday, November 22, and closing four days later on Friday November 24. The IPO on raising Rs3043 crores via their initial public offering (IPO), offering 60,850,278 equity shares of Rs2 each for sale to investors. Retail quota is 35%; QIB 50%; Shareholders Quota 10% and HNI 15% are set aside as eligibility criteria – eligibility dates for Share Holders Quota being November 13 2023 or earlier for Tata Motors stockholders will allow them to appear as shareholders quota in their demat account at that time and will qualify them for inclusion into this shareholder quota of the Tata Technologies IPO.

Analysts noted the impressive rise in Tata Technologies IPO Grey Market Premium (GMP), despite subdued sentiment on Dalal Street. Within just two days, Tata Technologies IPO GMP surged from Rs240 to Rs375 indicating strong investor support ahead of its planned launch on November 22, 2023. However, according to financial analysts, Grey Market Premium (GMP) should not be given undue importance as it lacks regulation and is completely speculative. They further noted that GMP does not correlate with company financials. Look at the Bonds overview.

About Tata Technologies

Tata Technologies is based in  Pune and provides engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product development and IT service management among other services.

At its core, is an award-winning global engineering services provider with two decades of experience, specializing in product development and digital solutions for major original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. Operating across global locations with globally distributed teams ensures optimal client proximity while still meeting efficiency targets to offer maximum value to clients.

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