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Sarees are an iconic tradition in Indian culture, making dressing little girls in them both exciting and culturally enriching. By following these tips, your daughter can wear her kids saree comfortably during special events.

Choose a Soft, Light Saree

Pick a saree fabric that is soft and light. This will make it easy for your daughter to move around.

  • Cotton sarees are the best for kids. They breathe well and do not irritate the skin.
  • Silk or chiffon sarees look dressy but can be slippery. Go for thick mulmul silk or line the saree with cotton.
  • Avoid very heavy fabrics like brocade or net. Also skip sarees with tough embroidery.

Get the Length Right

The saree length should suit your daughter’s height and age.

  • Little girls below 6 can wear short half-sarees. These are easy to walk in.
  • Older girls can try calf-length or knee-length sarees. Adjust pleats to avoid tripping.
  • For teens, pick a standard 5-6 yard saree. Drape it in simple styles.

Measure your daughter and buy a size that is comfortable for her.

Check the Fit of the Blouse

The blouse must fit properly otherwise the saree will not drape well.

  • Pick a blouse that is not too tight or loose on the shoulders. It should be easy to move in.
  • The length should be several inches below the waist. Choose a smaller back opening for little girls.
  • Make your daughter try the blouse before the function. Do alterations if required.

Accessorize According to Age

Keep accessories dainty and minimal for a cute look.

  • Tiny studs or hoops are perfect earrings for girls. Avoid heavy jewellery.
  • Add a single bangle or bracelet. Let the saree be the focus.
  • Use a simple satin ribbon or band instead of jewelled headbands for babies.

Drape the Saree Comfortably

Pleats and pallu should be secured properly. Avoid loose parts that can trip your daughter.

  • For pleats, use soft pins or fabric tapes. Make them tight but not too snug.
  • pleat the saree on the shorter side so walking is easier.
  • Pin the pallu to the blouse securely. Help your daughter adjust it if needed.

Pick Happy Colors and Prints

Color is important for kid’s sarees. Bright colors and fun motifs make the saree interesting.

  • Pastels like pink, yellow and green look cute on girls. Avoid dull or dark colors.
  • Prints like polka dots, flowers and butterflies add cheerful appeal.
  • Embroidered sarees can be worn for traditional events or rituals. Go for colorful embroidery.

Style Hair Nicely

A nice hairstyle polishes your daughter’s saree look.

  • Open hair with a center parting is easy and girly. Use hair bands to keep hair off the face.
  • Braids add traditional charm. They keep hair secure and manageable.
  • For festivals, do a bun adorned with flowers. Add gajra for a cute effect.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Make saree dressing a family affair for more fun.

  • Discuss the saree and accessories as a family. Consider your daughter’s choices too.
  • Have older sisters help with draping. Brothers can assist with pinning and adjustments.
  • Match saree colors or motifs with your family’s outfits for an adorable coordinated look.

Set Aside Enough Time

Rushing the draping process can be stressful for kids.

  • Keep at least 30-45 minutes for saree draping and getting ready on the big day.
  • Have your daughter wear the blouse and petticoat in advance.
  • Gather all the saree accessories in one place to avoid last minute chaos.
  • Stay positive and patient. This will make the experience smooth for your daughter.

Click Cute Photos

Capture your daughter’s special saree moments in pictures to cherish forever.

  • Take photos as you help her drape the saree.
  • Capture her twirls in the saree and her smiling face.
  • Photograph her bonding with family in the matching saree outfits.

Your daughter will love trying on sarees when you make the experience enjoyable and relaxing for her – with these tips, she is sure to look like a true princess!

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