Lehenga Blouse Back Design for kids

Your little princess has an important event coming up and you want her to look her best; that means choosing an eye-catching lehenga choli ensemble. While lehenga and dupatta tend to get all the glory, finding an eye-catching lehenga blouse back design will take her outfit another step towards making an incredible impression.

When it comes to designing lehenga blouse back design for kids, you want something eye-catching yet age-appropriate. Complex back designs and details are popular choices among cholis for young ones; cut-outs, strings, embellishments – there are numerous ways you can personalize their lehenga choli backs stylishly and individually.

Lehenga Blouse Back Design – Cut-Out 

Cut-out lehenga blouse back designs are very popular for kids lehenga blouses nowadays. Strategic cut-outs along with the back neckline and shoulders give the blouse a very modern and fashionable look without showing too much skin. The cut-outs can be paired with straps, halter necks or even boat neck blouses. Intricate shapes like geometric, floral or abstract cut-outs make for interesting design details. Make sure the cut-outs are not too broad or revealing for a kids’ choli. Fancy and creative cut-out shapes work best.

Stringed Lehenga Blouse Back Design 

Dainty strings criss-crossing at the back opening of the lehenga blouse can make for an elegant design. Stringed backs give a contemporary twist to a regular blouse while still being tasteful for kids. You can opt for broader strings or narrow ribbons in a criss-cross, straight horizontal or diagonal pattern. Combine the stringed back with a deep U or V neck at the back to balance the look. Make sure the strings are securely fastened and not too loose for comfort and safety.

Sheer Panel Lehenga Blouse Backs Design

Subtle sheer panels at the back of a lehenga choli also help to elevate the style. Sheer fabric inserts along the shoulders or at the lower back lend a glamour without revealing too much of skin. Opt for small geometric shaped sheer panels or a bigger triangular insert for a dramatic look. Pair it with some sparkling embellishments for extra dazzle. Make sure the base blouse itself is not too sheer or revealing. The sheer cut-out should be just a style accent. Look at the kids salwar kameez for your princess

Embellished Backs

No Indian ethnic wear ensemble is complete without the right amount of bling and sparkle! Embellishments like sequins, beads, crystals and mirrors amp up the style quotient of any lehenga blouse. At the same time, heavy embroidery and embellishments can make the blouse look too mature for a little girl. Focus embellishments on the back panel of the blouse in quirky motifs. Abstract prints, floral vines, butterflies or birds made from sequins or beads work beautifully. Keep the front simple and let the ornate back design do all the talking!

Tassels or Pompoms on Back Ties

If your daughter’s lehenga blouse back design features back ties, adding playful and colorful tassels or pom poms is a fun way to make it more kid-appropriate. The tassels swinging joyously with every move will keep your little princess allure with her outfit. Both thread and bead tassels can work beautifully with fancy back ties on blouses. Match them with various color themes of the lehenga for a coordinated finish. This is a great way to give a regular back tie blouse a creative spin.

When selecting lehenga blouse back designs for your kids, be sure to choose age-appropriate styles which are both creative and comfortable enough so your daughter can dance and play around at an event for hours without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

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